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Cymulate is a cloud-based breach and cyber attack simulation platform.

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Cymulate’s plug & play solution is easily deployed into your network where it identifies security gaps in your infrastructure and provides insights for remediation.

*Requirements from the organization are a workstation with a Microsoft Outlook Desktop Client with our agent installed.


Organizations may relax into a false sense of safety after installing security solutions and beefing up its infrastructure. Cymulate measures a company’s true preparedness to handle cybersecurity threats effectively. Using offensive and defensive actions, Cymulate exposes critical vulnerabilities by simulating multi-vector cyberattacks from an attacker’s perspective, before an actual attacker has a chance to exploit any weaknesses. Cymulate testing is simple to perform on demand, anytime and anywhere, and to stay updated, a monthly testing is recommended. While most cyber security solutions are notoriously hard to implement, Cymulate’s plug-and-play platform is much simpler to deploy, even for non-technical users.


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Run simulations from any location, wherever you are.

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Get a comprehensive security assessment of the most advanced, multi-vector and latest threats.

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Simulation “On demand” shortens the testing cycle and speeds up time to remediation.

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Deploy instantly and easily with our Plug & Play solution.

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SaaS solution. No hardware required. No IT support needed.

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Get immediate results: We provide a full picture of your security posture 24/7/365.

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Self-service model, no middlemen – keeps you in control.


Cyberattacks today are more sophisticated and dynamic than ever before, as hackers work around the clock to breach networks, steal intellectual property, and disrupt operations. Organizations worldwide invested more than $80 billion last year to protect their data, block malware, and safeguard critical business processes and the expenses rise annually. Yet despite all the time, money, and effort invested in cybersecurity solutions, many CISOs still can’t answer two essential questions: How safe are they right now? And where are they vulnerable? Cymulate provides the answers to these questions with a unique simulation platform that empowers organizations to validate their cyber defenses more frequently, comprehensively, and responsively than ever before.